General outline for Content Partners

General outline

BusiLinc is a platform where starting or struggling entrepreneurs can get access to quality business education at a low monthly rate.
While providing the education to get their business off the ground they are also educated on how to invest smartly in growing their business after they have the basics covered.

And this is where Content Partners, like yourself, come in.

As content provider to BusiLinc you will be seen as the expert in your topic by our members who are paying to see your content. This expert status is leveraged by promoting your lead magnets or even paid programs to the members that follow your content.

What is the platform’s audience?

The platform specifically targets business owners that are just starting out or have less than $50,000.- in revenue.

Most of them are service based, with a focus on trainers and coaches, working on getting sales and leads via internet.

What do you get?

Free ongoing lead generation. Create valuable content once and get leads from it for months to come.

BusiLinc will promote your training when it goes live for the first time.
And we will run ongoing promotions to your offer alongside your training and in other places we see fit.

BusiLinc will be actively growing its member base, meaning more and more people will follow your training as time goes on.

What do you need to do?

To be hosted on the platform we require at least 3 hours in depth video training on a specific topic in your area of expertise as a sequence. This training needs to be aimed to help the members get their business off the ground, with specific action steps they can take during and after following your training.

You also need to provide an offer that would be a logical next step after watching your training.

And you need to promote the platform to your audience when you are first admitted to the platform for which you will also get a referral fee.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost involved.

You only pay a 20% commission on any sale made through the platform. Since this is a commission, you only pay it after you have generated sales. This ensures that it is in BusiLinc’s best interest to promote your offer and get you sales.

How do you participate?

Our goal is to provide high quality training to our members. Therefore we have a set of criteria for our content providers.

The criteria are:

  • Walk your talk. You need to demonstrate to our satisfaction that you have used the content of the training yourself with success or that your existing clients have used it to get results.
  • The content should be of good production quality. If needed we can assist you in this.

What is your next step?

To see if you qualify to be showcased to all of our members fill out the application form and we will reply within 3 working days.
Application form can be found here.